Jennifer is a bioethicist, researcher, cross-over trainer, and working dog handler who embraces LIMA. In her early years she worked with horses and in the late 90’s the first of many JRTs came into her life. She is the owner of K9 Sniff Works, a successful domestic and international training business which serves pet dog owners and professional handlers. She is certified cadaver dog handler with Massachusetts Rescue and Recovery K9 Unit (MARK9).

In addition to her B.Sc. in Veterinary and Animal Science, she has a Master’s Qualifying (Hons) in Bioethics from Monash University in Australia. While at UMass she participated in breast cancer research. She spent most of 2008 in Geneva at the World Health Organization and spent the summer at Yale University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics. After the WHO she lived in Thailand for a year working with semi-feral free-ranging community dogs before taking the Karen Prior Academy (KPA) International program with Terry Ryan. She then spent 7 months interning with Terry where she was introduced to K9 Nose Work®. She recognized the value in this form of enrichment and is now a Certified Nose Work Instructor with the NACSW™. She is primary certified in TAGteach and is completing her CBATI.

She has undertaken pet and professional detection scent work activities, including teaching and competing, in over 20 US states and 5 different countries. She has worked with hundreds of handler teams in the US and across the globe and has thousands of hours of instruction, training, observation, handling, and volunteering experience. She holds international and domestic seminars and working clinics as well as presenting her scientific research findings at conferences and training programs worldwide. She was the first CNWI to be invited to Australia by Marion Brand where, with permission from the Founders, she presented K9NW™ workshops and a joint detection event with professional detection expert Steve Austin. She was fortunate enough to be the first person to undertake K9NW™ with Australian dingoes at the Dingo Sanctuary in 2013. She volunteers her time to help shelters develop K9NW™ enrichment programs.

She and her dogs have participated in professional detection events and certifications, agility, lure coursing, barn hunt, obedience, Rally-O, dog (and horse) pulling, nose work trials, and JRTCA working terrier trials in the US and Australia. She is particularly proud of her little Jack Russell Terrier rescue Possum (from Australia) who won the Harry Award and titled at their first K9NW™ trial and her certified cadaver dog Piper Vom Logan Haus, who passed certification on her first attempt.