Ana graduated from the SF SPCA Dog Training Academy with Honors, in 2008 and received a Certificate in Dog Behavior Training and Consultation (CTC). She was certified by the CPDT – Board of Certifications of Professional Dog Trainers, and she is a professional member of APDT – Association of Professional Dog Trainers, since 2009.

She earned the position of Behavioral Trainer at the Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek CA, in 2009, where she was responsible for the rehabilitation of rescued dogs. She developed behavior modification protocols and implemented programs to improve animal welfare; a job that has given her a lot of behavioral and training experience and a rewarding life experience.

Ana also competed professionally with her Portuguese Water dog, Dara, acquiring several titles in different venues: conformation, obedience, rally, agility, and water works.

She has been a Specialist in Dog Behavior and Training for KONG Company since 2012. On her role, she represents KONG during Animal Training Events, Pet Expos and Shows, in Brazil and in the US. She is also responsible for the KONG Education Program, which provides training to KONG’s major partners (Petco, PSP, Pet Smart), as well as to members of KONG’s Retail Club (KRC). Ana also developed a Program, where she provides KONG Education to trainers from various Dog Training Certification Programs in the US, and trainers all over the world.

Ana is also part of the team developing and implementing KONG’s Ambassadors Program in Brazil and in the USA. This program is designed to communicate a positive awareness of the KONG brand to a global audience via a selected group of professionals.